Trival Pursuit: Stranger Things – Back to the 80s

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How well do you know the 80s? Head back to a great decade in history and challenge friends with questions about the wild, wacky, totally tubular 1980s and all things Stranger Things! This edition of the Trivial Pursuit game features 1500 trivia questions from 6 categories: Movies; TV; Music; Famous People and Events; Trends, Tech and Fun; and Stranger Things. The party game also includes Portal Spaces; land on one and you have to flip a section of the board over and send all players to the Upside Down where you can lose wedges. The first player to collect 6 wedges wins. For fans of the Netflix original series, and those looking for a lighthearted and entertaining board game for game nights, get-togethers, and parties, The Back to the 80s edition of the Trivial Pursuit game makes a great choice.


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