Resident Evil 2: Malformations of G Expansion 2


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Although the first group of survivors were able to overcome the ferocious Birkin Stage Three mutation and escape, their adversary was not so easily defeated. Lurking within the darkness and regaining its strength the creature was merely biding its time until the second group of survivors arrived before resuming its deadly assault. Can such a monstrous foe ever be truly defeated? It’s time to step up and escape the nightmare once and for all!

The Malformations of G: B-Files expansion introduces two new boss encounter upgrades for your games from the B-Files expansion. Designed to be compatible with the B-Files expansion scenarios, this expansion introduces the fearsome Birkin Stage One and enormous Birkin Stage Five bosses – the latter big enough to fill a whole tile!

This boxed game expansion contains:

  • 2 highly detailed plastic miniatures
  • 19 cards
  • 1 expansion booklet



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