Dark.net – Wizkids Board Game


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Dark.net – Wizkids Board Game
The tech-future which mankind has been working towards is finally upon us! Sadly, the tech-future is not all we thought it was cracked up to be; technology couldn’t save us from ourselves and there are no hoverboards or floating cars in sight. Contrary to our hopes and dreams, four mega corporations dominate and dictate every aspect of our lives.

In Dark.net – Wizkids Board Game players will intercept transmissions to gain valuable information via their data network. Players will use fences to buy and sell information so they can boost their ability to gather even more information.

To boost their Reputation, players will:

  • Accrue Credits
  • Extend Their Network
  • Hire Informants
  • Install Network Boosters
  • Make Contacts

The player with the most Rep at the end of the game is the winner.


  • 4 Starting Networks
  • 4 Player Aides
  • City Board
  • 12 Network Boosters
  • 16 Informants
  • 20 Contacts
  • 7 Dice
  • 100 Information Cubes
  • 40 Network Extensions
  • 16 Response Cards
  • Credits Cubes
  • Various Tokens
  • 12-Page Rule Book

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