Coriolis: Aram’s Secret (RPG Supp. Full Color)


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Aram’s Secret

The acidified planet Jina is widely considered as an uninhabitable hell hole. Despite this, a hardy mining colony known as Aram’s Ravine persists underneath the heavy clouds. Most travelers and traders in these parts choose the luxury resort moon Cala Duriha instead, and only the most desperate descend through the toxic atmosphere to visit the Ravine. Fate forces the PCs down to the planet, however, where the plot soon thickens around them.

Aram’s Secret is a thrilling scenario for the award-winning Coriolis – The Third Horizonroleplaying game. Contents of the 52-page booklet:

  • The scenario location Aram’s Ravine, complete with maps, NPCs, and story hooks.
  • The stand-alone scenario Aram’s Secret, in which the settlement’s dark past is revealed.
  • An overview of the Cala Duriha luxury moon, in all its splendor and decadence.


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