Star Wars Legion: B1 Battle Droids Unit Expansion

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The B1 Battle Droids Unit Expansion gives you the chance to supplement your Separatist Alliance forces with even more battle droids. Nine unpainted and finely-sculpted B1 Battle Droid miniatures identical to those found in the Star Wars: Legion Clone Wars Core Set stand ready to form the backbone of your army, including two miniatures carrying heavy weapons. Joining these miniatures are a unit card and a variety of upgrade cards inviting you to make your own personal refinements to your battle droids.
Create a massive droid army with the nine highly-detailed B1 Battle Droid miniatures found in this expansion! Seven Battle Droids can lay down heavy fire with their E-5 Blaster Rifles, while a B1 Trooper with an E-60R poses a threat to enemy vehicles. Finally, an E-5C B1 Trooper adds even more firepower to your battle droids in their quest to bring down the Republic.


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