Arkham Horror LCG: The Labyrinths of Lunancy Scenario Pack Exp.


This is a standalone adventure

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t is absolutely necessary, for the peace and safety of mankind, that some of earth’s dark, dead corners and unplumbed depths be let alone.
–H. P. Lovecraft, At the Mountains of Madness

You awaken from a deep sleep in a strange place, without any idea of where you are or how you got there. Your body is fatigued to the point that even standing is a herculean task, and your blurred vision makes it impossible to get your bearings. In fact, you and your fellow investigators are the prisoners of some cruel mastermind, using you as his test subjects in inhumane experiments designed to test the human will.

Trapped in the expansive labyrinth of a madman, you will need more help than ever before. The Labyrinths of Lunacythe epic Scenario Pack for Arkham Horror: The Card Game


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